Do We Need an Intervention?

Interventions and mediations have always been used in attempt to repair and mend relationships. But when differences in cultures and tribes are involved, can an outsider really understand the workings of that society and offer workable solutions?

Re-count or re-colonization?

In a nation that that has been corrupted by greed and self-gratification, can we really expect to get a fair recount, considering that the courts are also polluted? Ancient colonization focused on taking control of native lands. Perhaps what we should look at is engaging in modern colonization in order to have a developed nation offer some guidelines and restructure the country and economy.

Who is the rightful winner?

This is obviously debatable and will be for years to come! Clearly if there were no discrepancies in the voting and results system we would not be in this mess to begin with. First order of business should be that every Native Kenyan should be able to vote even if they are not in the country. Secondly an independent outside body should oversee the election and ballot process---how hard can it be?